Parking Tickets & Municipal Citations

The police department uses an orange paper envelope citation when issuing parking tickets under city ordinance. Parking tickets can be mailed using the parking ticket self addressed envelope, although a postal stamp is required. Parking tickets can also be paid directly at the police department during normal business hours or at City Hall during normal business hours. Normal business hours for the police department are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, except holidays. Normal business hours for City Hall are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, except holidays.

The police department building has a drop slot where parking tickets can be be placed 24 hours a day. The drop slot is located on the front of the police building west of the entrance door. City Hall also has a drop box which is located at the front of the building, north of the main doors, at 305 N. Clark Street. The drop box is also accessible 24 hours day.

Tow Enforcement

The police department does routinely tow vehicles violating parking ordinances. The city ordinance for towing improperly parked vehicles is located here: Impounding Vehicles.

The police department will also tow vehicles during arrest incidents, as evidence in a criminal act, disabled or abandoned vehicles. Vehicles may also be towed for a variety of reasons not stated here.

Civil Citations

The police department also issues municipal civil citations for a variety of code infractions. Some of these civil violatoins include prohibited or improper disposal of waste materials, debris, grass or snow on streets, and junk and nuisance violations.

Civil citations also come with a yellow envelope that can be mailed to City Hall. Again, a postal stamp is required. These civil citations can also be paid at the dropboxes at either the police department or city hall, or can be paid at these locations during normal business hours.

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