70.06 Impounding Vehicles Ordinance

Chapter 70

70.06....IMPOUNDING VEHICLES. A peace officer is hereby authorized to remove, or cause to be removed, a vehicle from a street, public alley,public parking lot or highway to the nearest garage or other place of safety, or to a garage designated or maintained by the City, under the circumstances hereinafter enumerated:

1. Disabled Vehicle. When a vehicle is so disabled as to constitue an obstruction to traffic and the person or persons in charge of the vehicle are by reason of physical injury incapacitated to such an extent as to be unable to provide for its custody or removal.

2. Illegally Parked Vehicle. When any vehicle is left unattended and is so illegally parked as to constitute a definite hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic.

3. Snow Removal. When any vehicle is left parked in violation of a ban on parking during snow removal operations.

4. Parked Over Limited Time Period. When any vehicle is left parked for a continuous period in violation of any limited parking time. If the owner can be located, the owner shall be given the opprotunity to remove the vehicle.

5. Costs. In addition to the standard penalties provided, the owner or driver of any vehicle impounded for the violation of any provision of this chapter shall be required to pay the reasonable cost of towing and storage.

6. Repeat Offenders. Any vehicle which has been issued two tickets for violations of parking and restrictions imposed by Section 70.03 of this Code of Ordinances and is found to be in violation for a third time, shall, in additon to the imposition of a third parking ticket, be impounded by the City. Prior to the release of said vehicle, all parking tickets and the cost of towing and impounding the vehicle shall be paid. Any person who removes his or her vehicle from the impounding without paying the parking tickets and the cost of towing and impounding shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and the standard penalty pursuant to Section 1.14 shall be imposed for violation of this subsection.